Friends! Thank you SO MUCH for lending your voice to our new creative process. We are so grateful that you are willing to spend time helping us gather a broader view of the different lived experiences of womxn (we’re going to be using this term to make sure we include everyone) everywhere and we want to acknowledge the emotional labor that goes into something like this. This is no small task, so thank you.

We asked you to participate in this survey because we really believe that your perspective can help us be sensitive to different marginalized people groups and can help us grow ourselves as well as our community. You have influence over your communities, over your families, and over the world at large. Just by existing you change the atmosphere of the world and we want to help elevate that.

We want to speak to ALL womxn without exception because we believe that everyone deserves to be seen and heard and loved. We want to encourage and empower womxn of every faith practice, background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity - EVERY. WOMXN. Our goal is not to align with a single political party, but to commit ourselves to the work of advocacy by spreading the impact of deep, inclusive, affirming, and justice fueled love. We want to rally, advocate, and give us all something to wear on our bodies as a declaration of solidarity.

What you share with us today will help us understand what the world looks like through your eyes so that we can broaden our own worldview. Your honesty and vulnerability are so valued here.

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